I am a computer professional and have been digitally archiving and restoring family treasures since 1997.  This started as part of my personal genealogy project to gather and share my rapidly disappearing family history.  As older generations passed  away and younger ones moved away to pursue their dreams, many movies and videos were tucked away for "safe keeping".  Instead, they became "lost" and even their existence was unknown to most other members of the family.  Some were in very poor condition and would be truly lost if something were not done soon.  Now these irreplaceable family heirlooms have been digitally preserved to share with current and future generations.  They are safe from the ravages of memory, time, and nature.
My work is a labor of love to save the past for the future.  I use state-of-the-art technology and skill applied with loving care to preserve my family treasures.  I would be pleased and honored to do the same for your family.

Thomas Morrow

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